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Name:Angelo Colasanto
Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:Nevada, United States of America
Angelo: "I always hoped... if God is love, maybe He loves me too."

Jack: "That's blasphemy."

Angelo: "That's Christianity."

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 7, "Immortal Sins"

Name: Angelo Colasanto

Fandom: Torchwood (specifically "Miracle Day")

Media: TV mini-series

Played bymatrixrefugee

Physical description: Brown hair trimmed at the ears, hazel eyes (the right one has, on the lower right edge of the iris, a distinctive reddish mark that spreads into the sclera), olive complexion; rather pretty-faced, to his concern. Usually seen with a Van Dyke beard that adds a bit of strength to his face. Somewhat on the short side with a slight but muscled build (he started life as a laborer). Soft-spoken with a husky tenor voice and a slight Italian accent, just enough that he sounds foreign, but his English is good.

Personality: We'd be falling short of the mark if we didn't admit our boy is a deeply flawed, fallible and at times selfish human being who's done things of which he's Not Proud. However, the sins he's committed have been done out of fear, love, or a sense of desperate self-preservation. At one in the same time, he's a pragmatic, intelligent sort, and a dreamer who followed his heart into a new world that turned out to be bigger and wider and a bit scarier and more wondrous than he ever imagined. But given his background, one full of being made to feel guilty over what he is, there's a certain amount of self-hatred and angst

Short biography: Born in a tiny village of 200 people on Italy's Amalfi coast ("right on the edge of a cliff", he describes it) in the early years of the 1900s (typist puts it around 1903). Raised as a devout Catholic, he had a hard time resolving his faith with the paths where his heart ran. His first time was with another young man in the village, in secret, so as not to arouse suspicion or start gossip. Angelo resolved to move on, to find a place where he could be free: with the help of the village schoolmaster, he learned English, becoming fluent in it before emigrating to the United States.

Unfortunately, he arrived without his papers in order, and so he swiped the travel visa of another passenger, an agent from Torchwood on a joint mission involving the Vatican. When the theft landed Angelo in the brig and facing deportation, said agent -- never one to resist a handsome face -- took compassion on him, finding a way to convince the Ellis Island bureaucrats to let the young wanderer into the country.

Of course that Torchwood agent was Jack Harkness, who took Angelo under his wing, helping him get his feet under him in the New World -- though not before sweeping the young man off his feet and taking him on as his companion. They succeeded in foiling a plot by agents of the Trickster's Brigade

Physical Abilities: He's learned to be a decent fighter after having to defend his own honor. Also is somewhat of a shrewd businessman, given his success in life.

Superhuman Abilities: None, plain vanilla mortal

Unusual or Magical Possessions: None to speak of

In-game canon: To be played out...
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